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Originally a Quaker settlement, Archdale is now home to just over 11,000 people, and the biggest tourist attraction is Korner Folly, built 126 years ago by an interior designer and painter known locally for his depiction of Bull Durham in the south. Salisbury, known as the "city that invented the legend of lemonades," has much to offer. It borders the towns of Winston to the northeast and Durham and Durham County, North Carolina to the west.

Edwin Clemmons, the son of the city's founder, owned several large railway lines that ran through the city. The biggest of these was Hattie Butner, nine, named after his wife, who is currently on display in the village hall. Built in 1917 by William and Katharine Reynolds, two of Salisbury's most famous residents, the house was originally at the centre of a 1,067-acre estate.

Perhaps even more remarkable is that the picture was displayed on the school's website as a signature piece in the year he received the gold key. When asked what his favorite piece was, Jesse said it was a life-size sculpture of a monkey, which is curiously the case.

It was also selected as one of about 50 visual artworks that would be part of Scholastic's national tour. It was one that travelled across the country last year to various galleries to be exhibited. I am so grateful for the opportunity for residents to see this amazing young man whose art is recognized nationwide. Do you know another young person in your community who has made his art a national or international phenomenon?

Jesse's work will be on display at Ardmore Community Church's annual Arts & Arts Festival on November 3. A brochure promoting the event states: "In its fifth season, Arts in Ard more continues to bring local, regional and national artists to the Church to share God - with gifts to the community.

Visit Tanglewood Park, a science museum that features interactive exhibits to take a look at the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For more information about the festival or a list of events in the area, call (336) 778-6300 or visit tanglewoods park.

If you're a fan of plays, movies and concerts, visit the stained glass theater, home to the North Carolina Film Festival. If you love art, get ready to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, a fine arts and history museum in Raleigh, NC.

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Jane Bebe: Jane is a member of the North Carolina Art Society and a graduate of UNC - Chapel Hill's College of Art and Design.

She began sharing her artistic talents by teaching children and adults how to draw and Jesse Cockerham drew portraits and sketches of people around him. I like to teach as a lecturer and experience the uniqueness and personality of each student when he goes the art route as far as he wants.

Jesse's artwork is regularly used as a representative of Clemmons Elementary, and his artwork regularly attracts the attention of local and national media such as the New York Times, ABC, CBS, and NBC. After moving back to North Carolina, Jane Noel Goodman-Smith was commissioned by WFMY Channel 2 to sketch the courtrooms and was art director at WGGT-48. Jane was also hired by The Associated Press to sketch the courtroom during the high profile trial in Chicago. After returning to North Carolina in 1983, she was asked to head the art department of the WggT Channel 48 Art Department.

The talented elementary school student matured into an accomplished artist who enrolled at N.C. State's College of Design to earn a bachelor's degree in environmental design and architecture. Elizabeth Betson is credited with developing how ideas are presented and how inspiration flows into the work. Imagine the artists who are part of the Clemmons North Carolina Art Department at WGGT-48 and WggT Channel 48.

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More About Clemmons

More About Clemmons