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This location offers business travelers easy access to the city center and the countryside. Located in the heart of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, this location is just a short drive from downtown Raleigh and minutes from the Charlotte Convention and Visitors Bureau (CNCB).

Whether you are planning a golf tournament, golf conference, business meeting or other event, Village Inn Golf & Conference Center is dedicated to providing a full range of services tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are looking for a conference centre, hotel, office space, conference room or hotel room, we have the space to meet your needs! Our spacious, modern and modern golf course and our conference rooms provide the perfect setting for any event.

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Room service is available during limited hours and guests can enjoy a snack in one of the restaurants with bars and lounges. The best and finest dishes in the hometown are prepared and prepared to create amazing dishes, and you will find them all at the Village Inn Event Center, located right next door to the hotel. In-house catering, food preparation and linen is a plus as they are able to handle numerous events simultaneously.

The Village Inn Hotel Event Center also has a bar, where lively parties are sometimes held. During your stay, delicious dishes are served in the hotel's dining room and lounge area. The hotel has a wide variety of restaurants, bars and lounges connected to the Baptist Church of North Carolina and other local churches and churches.

Self-parking (for a fee) is available on site and other facilities at the hotel include discounted airport transfers to and from the hotel, which are available at an additional cost, and free parking at the Hotel Event Center. Additional charges are offered for parking in the garage and in the parking lot of the Village Inn Hotel. In and around the village of Clemmons, North Carolina, there are leisure facilities such as a golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, volleyball courts and tennis courts.

In addition to the famous Festival of Lights, which attracts visitors from hundreds of miles away each year, Clemmons also hosts many private events.

The venues and location names listed below represent those who have the opportunity to work with the Clemmons Chamber of Commerce, the North Carolina State Convention and Visitors Bureau and other local organizations. There are several fantastic boutiques in the area, including L'Oreal, Baskin-Robbins, Le Creusot & Co. and many more.

The Village Inn Hotel & Event Center is the premier convention and convention center in the city and features a full-service hotel with fully equipped, modern rooms. With a modern fitness centre, fitness and fitness facilities and a large banquet hall, the Dorfgasthaus offers a variety of events and entertainment options.

The elected council consists of the mayor and five councillors, and among other things, the village council adopts the annual budget, adopts regulations, appoints citizens to administrative boards and committees, hires and fires the village manager and hires and fires employees. The mayor (and one councillor) is elected for a two-year term, the rest of the council for a four-year term. Councillors are John Wait (Mayor) and his wife Ann Wait; The mayor is Johnwait; the council member is Council President John D. Wait Jr., and Vice President of the Council, John E. Waits.

The village manager is appointed by the village council and is responsible to the mayor and the council for the administration of the village.

More About Clemmons

More About Clemmons