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The village of Clemmons was officially founded in 1802, incorporated in 1986, and is part of the Piedmont triad that includes Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point. The village was originally called Cle mmonsville And it is near the Hanes Mall and is located on the western edge of North Carolina, north of Charlotte and south of Raleigh.

Today, Clemmons offers a variety of activities and attractions, including a number of restored historic buildings, restaurants, shops, cafes and restaurants. The rooms are bright and modern and feature modern facilities such as alarm clocks, fireplaces, air conditioning and other modern amenities. Each room at Cle mmons North Carolina Hotel & Spa features a fully equipped kitchen, private dining room and private balcony.

Coffee, tea and homemade muffins are served in the dining area, where the bedroom is located. Guests can enjoy the kitchen, which offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, or take some along the way.

If you are a fan of plays, films or concerts, you can get stained glass or stained glass - free of charge if you want. Make use of the free Wi-Fi and relax while enjoying high-level entertainment in your room. You can also upgrade to a larger, more comfortable bed with a bedside table and linens to better meet your needs.

Visit a science museum that features interactive exhibits, such as the National Museum of Natural History or the Smithsonian National Science Museum.

Located on Lynn Dee Drive, this hotel is just blocks from the North Carolina Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian National Science Museum. A 15-minute drive takes you to one of the world's most popular attractions, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the hotel is just a short drive from the museum and the Smithsonian National Science Museum.

Located in the Western Forest, the hotel is just a short drive from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Smithsonian National Science Museum. Wyndham Winston - Salem has archers in place to ensure you have easy access to all the area's attractions. Facilities include a state-of-the-art fitness centre, bar with restaurant and a spa and fitness area.

Whatever your reason for visiting Clemmons, it is important to find the right hotel that will allow you to explore all that this beautiful village has to offer. The Hanes Mall in Salem offers all the amenities you could wish for when traveling, and you can shop, eat and shop for a whole day. Finding a cheap, friendly hotel in Cle mmons is easy, especially if you expand your search to the surrounding communities.

For an excellent longer stay, Residence Inn offers a complimentary hot breakfast in the morning, a social mix breakfast in the evening and a bar and restaurant in the evening.

In a separate room on the same floor there are two mattresses - the size "blow up" - and on a whole floor there are bedrooms and bathrooms, which are exclusively for you and your partner.

On Briar Lake Road, you will find an air-conditioned bedroom with en suite bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. During your stay you will also have access to the GYM 365, located on the second floor of the hotel, just steps from the pool and gym.

The best seasons to visit Clemmons and the Winston-Salem area are spring and fall, but we analyzed line charts to calculate the best time to book in the Cle mmons. The off-season has the highest temperatures in North Carolina and one of the lowest lows in the state, so you can visit your favorite spots without having to queue. With an average low of around 31 degrees, the low season also offers the lowest hotel prices, which allows you to spend more money on attractions.

The main tourist season runs from June to August, but it is expected that school-age children will take advantage of the free time and warm weather. Winter trips to the area are discounted because most of us never planned a trip to Clemmons. Summer in the Cle Mons hits the mid to mid-80s, which can feel like a muggy day if you don't pack and dress accordingly.

Located in Old Plantation Circle, the price of accommodation includes a twin room, a bathroom with fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen. The living room with sun loungers and deckchairs is located right in front of the fireplace, while the breakfast corner includes coffee pots, microwave and mini-fridge. We started our day cooking breakfast and returned in the evening for a cocktail and dinner.

There are several restaurants in the neighborhood, and you can drive to Pine Ridge Plaza in five minutes and visit a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and other attractions. Interstate 40 provides residents and visitors with access to scenic mountain and Blue Ridge Mountain views. The apartment is located just a short drive from Old Plantation Circle shopping center, so you are ready to enjoy the beautiful views, scenic hiking trails, historic buildings and scenic views.

More About Clemmons

More About Clemmons