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The city of Lewisville has closed all playgrounds, swings, water features and pavilions in all city parks, including Shallowford Square and Jack Warren Park. The park area will remain open, however, and all toilets will remain closed until further notice. All major shops in the city cannot be operated online or by telephone, so contact by email or online is limited. The town hall will function as usual, with limited access to the public and limited contact with the press and media, but all citizens "offices, public meetings and other public events will be closed. The parks in Shallowsford, Square, Jack and Warren will remain open, but all parks on the site will remain open.

Please note that McDonald's USA does not receive or have any employment decisions about you, including whether you will be interviewed for the job or hired by a franchisee. All information contained in this application will be communicated to independent franchisees responsible for hiring and employing employees in the United States and Canada. If you are hired for any of the positions described in these advertisements, the franchisee is the employer and not McDonald's, USA. McDonald's "USA" will not receive or receive a copy of your application documents, nor will it have control over any employment decision regarding your hiring, which includes whether you have received an interview for your job and whether or not you have been hired.

Please note that independent franchisees alone make all employment decisions, including hiring and retaining employees in the United States and Canada, and employing them in other countries. Only the franchisee is responsible for the employment issues in the restaurant, which include hiring, firing, promotion, pay, benefits and other aspects of the business.

We know that we will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our residents and employees. We also know that the city administration and our staff are ready to take all steps that may be necessary to protect our community. City officials will rely on the expertise of the independent franchisee and our local law enforcement agencies to make decisions in the best interests of employees and the public.

We will use this spectrum to provide regular updates and useful information to our residents. For any questions or requests, please call us at 336 - 945 - 5558, send us an e-mail at townhall @ and we will answer you as soon as possible.

I know that some of you are a little unnerved at the moment about everything that is happening in our country and around the world. So today I ask you to turn off the news for a while and reflect on all the extraordinary things we are doing to keep our community together. Call your friends or just say hello and work with energy and determination and take time for yourself. Some say they want us to find new talent, offer coaching and leadership, improve leadership skills and help run a business that provides delicious food and well-being - good moments.

I hope you will support us as we continue our mission of food, service, community and love for our customers and our community.

While the CDC and state and region health departments have advised that we must limit our services, we will continue to provide our community services to our residents. Although we bear the main responsibility for dealing with the virus, we are also ready to respond to any emergency such as natural disasters, fires, floods and other emergencies. For up-to-date pandemic information, please contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the North Carolina Department of Health (DHHS).

We ask our residents to follow all recommendations from the states and the US government on precautionary measures. We encourage all citizens to follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and do everything they can to protect themselves from the virus. There is no consensus on how to implement the CDC's recommendations on the prevention and treatment of influenza virus infections in the United States, but we ask all residents to please follow the recommendations we have received from our state, EU, government, local health authority, and any other state or regional health authorities regarding preventive measures.

The maintenance staff assists the management in achieving and maintaining excellent cleanliness of the restaurant both indoors and outdoors, as well as in maintaining the restaurant equipment and restaurant equipment. We also support your restaurant with all the tools and training you need to be successful.

People who work in McDonald's restaurants do a variety of different tasks throughout the day. This job advertisement contains information about what it is like to work at McDonald's, a restaurant or both. It is not a complete job description and the job advertisement does not list all essential functions of the job.

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More About Clemmons